A very crocheted Christmas

I went a little nuts in the handmade gifts category this year.  I pretty much (well actually literally) made everything for every family member and I didn’t even stop there… it’s weeks past Christmas and I can’t put down my hook.  I am officially a crochet addict.  I think I need a twelve step program.  Here are a few of the things I made…

One gigantic pile of crochet cowls in various colors and yarns (one for each of my sisters, sisters in laws, and sisters of sisters in law who were in attendance at the festivities 🙂 ) Not all of them are in this photo (obviously)

A menagerie of amigurumi animals. These are especially addictive because they are so cute and fairly quick to make. I have a whole list of others bookmarked that I want to try.

and of course one for new baby Frankie, this is one of my favorites

a winter hat (who can resist ears on a toddler hat?!) for Charlotte

a winter hat for Ben

and a few others… not technically gifts but new projects nonetheless. A hat for Paul (his P for Paul hat)

and one for Amelia (this one was going to be for me but ended up way too small. oops)

I’m also still finishing up a blanket I’m making for project linus and have a new hat (one that hopefully fits) in the works for myself as well. I think I’m going to give myself carpal tunnel syndrome 🙂 If you’re interested in making any of these fine projects you should definitely check out ravelry. It’s totally free and amazingly awesome. And with the exception of the cowls (I made those ones up) I’m pretty sure each and every one of these patterns came from there.

A very crocheted Christmas