Happy (belated) Halloween

I meant to post this on Halloween – but then life happened. So instead it’s a happy belated Halloween! I hope you had fun with your loved ones. This year was a record for me – all of the kids’ costumes done more than an entire day before Halloween. I tend to be a last minute deadline sewer – up til all hours of the night the night before. I was pretty excited to be done a whole day in advance. Who knows how early I’ll be done next year, an entire week? Just imagine the free time…

The kids are somehow obsessed with Star Wars even though they’ve never seen it. Paul really wanted to be Darth Vader, until he found out that he was a bad guy, at which point he said he only wanted to be someone nice. I had an idea of how to put together an easy Ewok costume and that was a pretty easy sell for both him and Edith. Cute and fuzzy? Check! Amelia of course wanted to be stubborn and choose something else, she was all about the Yoda costume and that was pretty easy to throw together as well. I’m not sure we’ll be able to talk everyone into coordinating costumes again next year but I figure making it to five years old is pretty good, right?

Homemade Star Wars costumes - Permanent Riot blog

Despite his face in the first shot, Paul was actually super excited to be an Ewok….

Homemade Star Wars halloween costumes - Permanent Riot blog

Happy Halloween!

Happy (belated) Halloween