Amelia’s new “in the garden” dress (and diaper cover)

I can’t resist the opportunity to make Amelia something cute – so when I realized that she would probably need a party dress for Sam and Tai’s wedding this month I jumped at the chance to make her one of the cute patterns I’ve had my eye on lately. And not only to make one for her, but to make one for Charlotte too. Because the only thing better than ONE cute toddler in a party dress is a cute toddler AND a baby in MATCHING party dresses 🙂

The pattern is the “in the garden” shirred dress from the blog “from an igloo” – there are so many cute tutorials and ideas for girls on the blog and I’m pretty sure after seeing how well this dress went together that I’m going to need to try out each and every one of them.

My favorite part about this dress (aside from the obvious cuteness factor) is the level of finish and detail in the tutorial. There’s lots of pressing and topstitching involved, both things that lead to a much more professional result. I also serged all of my seams and with the addition of that one extra step I’m not only sure that it’s going to hold up in the washer, but I’m pretty sure it will actually do better than some of the store-bought dresses that she has. It’s that good 🙂

I attempted to take some pictures of Amelia in the dress this morning but I was by myself and it turns out that trying to keep a toddler in a chair and keep the dog and other toddler not only out of the chair but out of the frame is quite challenging. They didn’t turn out quite as I’d imagined but, well, you get the idea. And Herbie did after all that manage to make a cameo anyways. Oh well.




And just because there’s nothing more embarrassing than having your polka dot diaper clash with your flowered dress – I also made them diaper covers to go with their new dresses that are from the prudent baby diaper cover tutorial. Simple, free and well explained. You can whip these up in about a half hour. Thank you much for the pattern!!


I can’t wait to see Amelia and Charlotte in the dresses together at the wedding!!

Amelia’s new “in the garden” dress (and diaper cover)

I’m so terribly busy and important…

I know I haven’t blogged over here in a while. It’s just because I’m so … well … busy. We’re moving in just over a month (how is that possible?! a month already?!) and pretty much life is chaos right now.

I have a few new things I’ve been making that I really just need to go ahead and finish so I can take pictures of them and pack away the supplies before we go. I’m almost done with Paul’s quilt and I have another quilt I’ve been making as well. I also just tonight finished up Amelia’s party outfit for Sam and Tai’s wedding which, if I do say so myself, is pretty fabulous. I think I’ll take pictures of that tomorrow so I can show it off. Because really who doesn’t want to see pictures of Amelia in her new party dress and matching bloomers. Oh, and did I mention I made two of them, one for her and one for her cousin? Yes, I am that crazy. Crazy. Busy. and Important 🙂

I’m so terribly busy and important…