I’m so terribly busy and important…

I know I haven’t blogged over here in a while. It’s just because I’m so … well … busy. We’re moving in just over a month (how is that possible?! a month already?!) and pretty much life is chaos right now.

I have a few new things I’ve been making that I really just need to go ahead and finish so I can take pictures of them and pack away the supplies before we go. I’m almost done with Paul’s quilt and I have another quilt I’ve been making as well. I also just tonight finished up Amelia’s party outfit for Sam and Tai’s wedding which, if I do say so myself, is pretty fabulous. I think I’ll take pictures of that tomorrow so I can show it off. Because really who doesn’t want to see pictures of Amelia in her new party dress and matching bloomers. Oh, and did I mention I made two of them, one for her and one for her cousin? Yes, I am that crazy. Crazy. Busy. and Important 🙂

I’m so terribly busy and important…

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