Time to recharge

Bamboo forest on the Pipiwai trail in Maui - Permanent Riot blog

Sometimes life is so big and crazy and full and exciting that I don’t even realize that I haven’t stopped to breathe lately. Lucky for me, my husband knows that I won’t stop running until I literally burn out and crash, so he scheduled a vacation for just the two of us for this past weekend. The two of us spent four days on Maui. Let me say that again. FOUR DAYS. Just the two of us. It was amazing. You guys, I haven’t been on a trip with my husband that wasn’t for work or attending a family event in… oh… EIGHT YEARS?! Needless to say it was pretty fantastic to get some time together and I am feeling super relaxed and revitalized. I can’t wait to dig through my pictures and post about all of the amazing things we did… but for now here’s two quick pictures of the bamboo forest along the Pipiwai trail. I don’t know if I’ve ever been anywhere that felt more magical. If you can get there, do it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Time to recharge

Dreaming big – Permanent Riot is now on etsy!

When Ben went to Washington DC on business a few months ago, he brought our daughter back a shirt with an image of a rocket ship on it, and in big bold neon letters the words “I DREAM BIG”. I loved that shirt and couldn’t stop looking at it. It made me so excited for our kids’ futures, for all that they might dream about and work for and do. It also made me realize that there were a lot of my own dreams (both big and small) that I had been putting off for one reason or another.

I want my kids to see the world as being full of endless possibilities, I want them to believe that they should put their hearts and souls into the things that they love, and that no dream is too big. I don’t want them to get hung up on fears and worries and doubts. I want them to put those things aside and push forward, even if it means setting foot into the unknown. And even with all of these big hopes for my kids, I’ve somehow let myself get hung up in fear and worry and doubt. For years now I’ve been thinking of opening an etsy shop to sell the things that I make, but I’ve always been worried. What if nobody comes? What if nothing sells? What if I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY EMBARRASS MYSELF?! That’s the big one. That if I open a shop and it fails I will have embarrassed myself. How silly is that? I want to make sure that my kids know that failure is just a step on the pathway to success (or that success really is a journey and not a destination? does this post have enough motivational cliches yet?) so I’ve finally decided to lead by example and do something I’ve always wanted to do…

And so begins my etsy shop, Permanent Riot.

For now I’ve stocked it with watercolor paintings and hand-painted ceramics because I’m on a total and complete painting kick. In the future I might sell crocheted doodads or childrens’ clothing or who knows what. My goal is to have a creative outlet and a way to give a good home to the things that I can’t help making. I love that now that I’m past the scary unknown phase it’s given me a reason to get up and paint in the morning. My shop has only been open for a few days and I’ve already painted more in those few days than I had in several months prior. I love having a reason to create.

Permanent Riot - made by Katy Regnier - a shop on Etsy

I started out with just simple ombre quotations but have been more and more excited about getting back into detailed paintings, something I haven’t done in years. I can’t wait to make more of these.

Original watercolor painting - "piaf" sparrow by Katy Regnier - Permanent Riot on etsy

Here’s to a new adventure and a brand new shop. I hope you’ll come and check it out!

Dreaming big – Permanent Riot is now on etsy!

Nasal gazing (or how my nose was broken by my son and then my doctor)

Permanent Riot

I know that my broken nose doesn’t need it’s very own blog post. From what I’ve read it’s the most common facial injury. But just because it happens to people worldwide on a daily basis does not make it any less disruptive to me and my nose. What I should be doing at the moment is sleeping, but the splint on my nose prevents me from breathing through said nose, so instead I am breathing through my mouth. And all this breathing through my mouth is leaving it dry, chapped and icky feeling. So much so that I find myself waking every hour. So instead of going right back to sleep, I’m going to take the ill advised route and write a middle of the night blog post – and tell you how I came to have a twice broken nose.

It all started with an overly excitable almost 5 year old and his dislike for going to sleep. We had just gotten home from a week-long trip away from our house and it was our first night back in our own beds. Paul has a track record of injuring people with his bedtime squirrely behavior and hard head; both Ben and I have suffered many a split lip from his wild head bobbing, so it’s really a wonder that we weren’t more on the lookout for this sort of situation.

Everyone was ready for bed – teeth brushed, jammies on, stories read and songs sung. The only thing left was a tuck under the covers and kiss goodnight, but Paul was hiding under his bed and giggling about how he wasn’t going to get into it. He thinks these kind of situations are games – the scowls of disapproval don’t make it any less fun for him and what he’d like more than anything would be for someone to crawl under after him and drag him out. So instead we told him that he was welcome to sleep under his bed and started to shut the door. Which (predictably) led to a shriek of NO and immediate jumping into the bed. He was lying face down (and I’m sure you can see where this is going) when I walked over to give him a kiss. Right as I bent down he decided to whip his head up and – CRACK.

My hands flew to my face and I’m sure I screamed involuntarily (rocking on the floor and clutching my nose) for a solid five minutes. I remember thinking “all of this screaming surely isn’t a good idea. I must be scaring the kids” but I was totally incapable of stopping the screaming even though I knew that I should. It just hurt too much. Once I was calmed down enough to get a few words out (at this point Ben still wasn’t sure what had happened) I told him “I think he broke my nose”. The snapping noise was so loud and sharp that apparently to him it had sounded like Paul had slapped me in the face. Once he realized that it was actually the sound of a breaking bone he turned a bit green and had to lie down for a minute. All the while Paul actually seemed to be the least fazed of anyone, and Amelia was quite distressed with all the yelling.

Once he had collected himself a bit, Ben realized that I needed to go to the doctor and that taking three kids to an ER at 9pm was probably a recipe for disaster- so he called my mom, who rushed right over. Reason #3,452 that we are so lucky to live near my parents! The urgent care facility we went to was predictably crowded and slow, but every employee we met was inexplicably polite and helpful with a dash of cheer thrown in for good measure. We took a seat and had a chat and if it weren’t for the throbbing pain and bag of ice on my face it could almost have passed for a date.

When the doctor finally arrived, he confirmed that my nose was broken and told us that there wasn’t much he could do to help – I would have a follow up with an ENT in a week and was sent home with a prescription for pain medicine and a list of symptoms to be on the lookout for. He also warned me that much of my face and the area under my eyes might become more bruised and swollen over the next week, something I was not looking forward to. The funny thing was that the next day the area under my eyes was not bruised or swollen, and neither was any other part of my face, save for a small bruised area on the bridge of my nose. As the days went by the bruising went down even more and by the time my ENT follow up visit rolled around, both Ben and I had convinced ourselves that it looked almost entirely back to normal. There seemed to be a bump lingering on the bridge of the nose but we figured that must be a bit of residual swelling and that the doctor would almost certainly just give us the all clear for me to go home and carry on as usual.

In reality he took one glance and told me that my nose was crooked. He could even tell by looking (despite the fact that the red marks and bruising had gone) exactly from which direction I’d been hit. Once he checked out the inside of my nose he confirmed that the break had left one side of my nasal airway obstructed and that the best way to fix it was to reset it. Reset. Such a harmless term for what they actually do, which is to break your nose again and shove it back into place using pliers. They gave me two options for the resetting – either to do it in office that same day with only local anesthesia, or to schedule it for several days later in the hospital under general anesthesia. Now I am a complete and total wimp when it comes to anything remotely surgery related – which is why I fought tooth and nail to avoid a cesarean section with the twins. So telling me that I could have the procedure done under general anesthesia was not a bonus for me, but terrifying. I opted for the in-office procedure and went back to the lobby to wait for them to get ready. Both the doctor and nurse assured me that the worst part would be the injections of numbing medication (one above my nose, one in each cheek, one below the nose and then inside each nostril) and I have to agree with them. Having long needles shoved into your face is pretty darn terrible as it turns out. But the only real sensation during the resetting itself was a lot of pressure and a few unpleasant cracking nose (there goes my nose again).

So here I sit, wearing a nose splint and wishing that I could carry a sign that says “it’s not a nose job”. I can’t tell you the number of sideways looks I’ve gotten in the last day and a half. I made it over 30 years without breaking a bone in my body and what finally did it was my son’s hard head. I find that kind of funny. I get to remove the splint after a week and go back for yet another follow up with the ENT in two weeks. Just in time for the end of preschool, start of summer and the preparations for our upcoming move. Here’s hoping that the next follow up goes more smoothly than the last one… and that this is my very last broken nose.

Nasal gazing (or how my nose was broken by my son and then my doctor)

Win a portrait session to benefit the March of Dimes

Win a portrait session from Katy Regnier photography in the Team Peyton Mark March for Babies auction
Getting a great deal on a portrait session makes you feel good. Getting a great deal on a portrait session AND knowing that your money is going to the March of Dimes to help fund research into preventing prematurity and infant loss – now that makes you feel AWESOME.

My sister is running an auction to raise money for the March of Dimes, in honor of her son Peyton Mark. Everything up for bid in this auction was donated and absolutely all of the proceeds from the winning bids will be given directly to the March of Dimes. You can find my portrait session right here – Photography package with Katy Regnier Photography and there are lots of other great items up for bid as well. Many of them can be shipped nationally, so even if you’re not in San Diego you can still lend a hand!- Team Peyton Mark March for Babies auction

The auction ends tomorrow at midnight so get your bids in soon! Thank you so much for your support!

Win a portrait session to benefit the March of Dimes

we flew a kite {30 by 30 list}

Well it’s been over 6 months since I turned 30, but I’m still plugging away at my list. Ben says I can have all year to finish it – like how Disneyland stretches out their “birthday celebrations” for at least a year (sometimes it seems like two) – if they can do it, so can I, right? Right.

Well flying a kite was number 28 on my list – but it turns out it really should have been number 1. How did we wait so long to do this?! We have the most perfect kite-flying park less than a mile from our house. It’s up on the top of a hill with a gorgeous view (you can even see a peek of the ocean, even though it’s miles away) and always just the right amount of wind. There are always people flying kites up there and the kids are obsessed with watching them, but we never owned a kite so we’ve never tried it ourselves.

This weekend we spotted some kites on sale at Costco and picked one up. As soon as we got out on the grass and that gust of wind picked up our kite and took it soaring into the air I knew we had waited much, much too long. Flying kites is just magical. The looks on the kids faces were worth the price of the kite times a thousand. I cannot wait for the next time we can go again!

Flying a kite with the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoonFlying a kite with the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoonFlying a kite with the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoonFlying a kite with the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoonFlying a kite with the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoonFlying a kite with the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoonFlying a kite with the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoonFlying a kite with the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoonFlying a kite with the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoonFlying a kite with the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoon

we flew a kite {30 by 30 list}

I can’t stop listening to {Madredeus}

Have you ever heard Madredeus? If not I suggest you go take a listen. You’re in for a treat.

Ainda - Music by Madredeus from the movie Lisbon StoryImage source

I first heard their music in the Wim Wenders movie Lisbon Story. Back in architecture school I took not one but two studios from Carlos Jimenez. Carlos’ studios were some of my favorites of the entire six years I spent in school, not just for the projects we designed, but for his gracious soft spoken yet self assured manner as well. He speaks in a calm metered tone despite his ten espressos a day, and he always has a story to tell. He also introduced us to a whole set of amazing architects and artists, for which I am very grateful. Carlos has a love for Wim Wenders movies, and while I can’t say that I fully understand them, I was immediately taken with the haunting music in Lisbon Story. So much so that I immediately went and bought a copy of the soundtrack, Ainda after class. Maybe it’s the fact that the music is not in English, or maybe it’s the soothing melodies, but it’s one of the only albums that I can listen to while I’m working. I get on kicks where it’s all I will listen to for entire days or weeks, and now with spotify I can listen to album after album of their beautiful music. Aaaah, heaven! Seriously, if you haven’t gone to listen yet, please do! It’s so amazing!

How about you? What have you been listening to lately that you just can’t get enough of? I am always excited to learn about new music!

I can’t stop listening to {Madredeus}