Easter dresses and bowtie {sewing projects}

Easter was in April – which was about 6 months ago. Yikes. I meant to post these quite a while ago – sewing the kids matching outfits was #25 on my 30 by 30 list. I turned 30 in August and actually checked off quite a few more of the list items, I just haven’t gotten around to writing about them… I really want to do a recap also.

In any case I did manage to get this one done on time and I even had big dreams of making a post about how I sewed these dresses – I whipped them up in about a day without a pattern and (aside from the miscalculation on the length of Edith’s dress… it’s a bit short) was pretty pleased with myself about how well they came out. I want to make them more dresses like this (maybe with a few tweaks or alterations to the technique) and if I do I am hoping I’ll get it together enough to document the process for a tutorial.

Here are a few pictures of the outfits in action –


The dresses had a simple split back lined bodice – Amelia’s closes with little adorable yellow round buttons and Edith’s closes with pearl snaps (hard to get a baby to hold still long enough for buttons). The skirt is just a basic gathered skirt and the sash is sewed on the sides and ties with a bow in back. I actually used leftover fabric from their second birthday party – the same stuff that I made Amelia and Paul’s Easter outfits from the year before out of. The chick/egg design is a repeat as well – that’s what happens when you ask a 3 1/2 year old what they want on the dress – they say they want just what they had last time. Oh well. I still think it’s adorable. Paul’s bowtie was made using this tutorial from say yes to hoboken… super quick and easy!

One more item crossed off the list. Phew!

Easter dresses and bowtie {sewing projects}

Happy Anniversary, my love

The end of September just seems to keep getting crazier and crazier. I always have dreams of a big anniversary celebration – a big vacation (a second honeymoon in Moorea would be divine but I know that’s probably a few years away) or at least a night away in a hotel – but then life always seems to have other plans for us. This year’s “other plans” involved the joyful welcoming of my newest nephew to the world. I wouldn’t have traded that for anything… I am SO happy to have him in our lives.

So instead of going away for the weekend we had family time and Ben and I got a few hours to ourselves on Sunday to have a lazy lunch on the beach and go for a walk. It’s funny how this paradise can be right next door all along but you just drive right by without stopping… as we were walking along I remember thinking how beautiful it all is, and how people in other parts of the country might dream of a walk on one of our sandy shores… yet here we are just a few miles away every day of our lives. Pretty darn lucky if I do say so myself.

We finished up the day with a drive up the coast and a stop in my favorite coffee shop for a bit of an afternoon treat.

When I think about the fact that this is our sixth anniversary, it somehow seems impossible. Our wedding is like this glimmering moment in the distant past… so many million lifetimes ago… how much has changed. I cannot remember what life was like before we were together. I’m not me without my love. We are part of a unit, a family, a life we’ve built together. How could so much have happened in just six short years? If so much has happened in the last few years I simply can’t imagine what is coming in the next six – or sixty for that matter.

I love you so, my dear. I cannot imagine my life without you and without our family. Happy anniversary, here is to everything that’s next. I’m so glad you’ll be by my side through it all.

(wedding photo by the image is found)

Happy Anniversary, my love