day 99 : car picnic

day 99: We planned to meet friends at Hollywood Forever tonight, but the cards were definitely stacked against us. After circling for parking for a half hour we found out the gates were closed. We decided to head to Santa Monica to catch a showing of La Vie en Rose instead. We entered a garage that claimed to have 12 available spaces where we circled from top to bottom for about 15 minutes. Once we finally found a space we rushed to eat some of the food we’d brought for the picnic and ran to the theater only to find out it was the wrong one… and too late to make it to the right one. At which point we gave up and watched Pirates of the Caribbean instead. That is a looooong movie.

day 99 : car picnic

One thought on “day 99 : car picnic

  1. Pudgy Girl says:

    oh man! the gods of parking were really out to get you.we couldn’t even see the movie it was so crowded. those cemetery screenings just aren’t what they used to be. the next chance we have is to pick a really really unpopular movie and go four hours before hand. But who wants to do that?


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