day 106 : a two-photo day!

day 106: Today was too fabulous and photo-op filled to be captured in one single photo! This morning we were lucky enough to get a private behind the scenes tour of the three baby tiger cubs at the Wild Animal Park. They are 6 months old and not really “small” anymore, but they were amazing to see up close and personal. We got to watch one of the trainers feeding them. It was a very cool experience and I’m so glad we got to go!

After the morning at the WAP Allison, Mark and I ran around a couple of downtown Encinitas parking lots to take some photos. Mark is pretty hilarious when he’s acting as a portrait subject… he definitely comes up with poses on his own. This was what he came up with when I asked them to sit up against a wall.

day 106 : a two-photo day!

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