day 143 : trapped!

day 143: So with all of this Harry Potter fanaticism going around I got curious and decided that I should find out what all the hype was about. Unfortunately Allison recommended that I not start at the last book (which probably makes sense) so here I am… the last person on earth reading the FIRST Harry Potter book. At least it’s nice and short… but I have a lot of them to go through before I finally find out what happens in the new book.

day 143 : trapped!

2 thoughts on “day 143 : trapped!

  1. erika d. says:

    You’re not alone! I too resisted the Potter craze as long as possible but gave in this week and started with book 1. I actually just finished a few minutes ago. I too thought I must be the only person on #1 this week. Happy reading!!


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