day 239 : bienvenue a paris!

day 239: Well after a week in France we’re finally in PARIS! Paris is one of my all-time favorite cities, the city Ben and I called home for 6 months, and the city we got engaged in. I clearly have a thing for Paris 🙂 I was sooo excited to get in to town this afternoon and just go for one of the long rambling walks that makes this city so amazing. I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best so I put up two. Any votes for a favorite?

day 239 : bienvenue a paris!

4 thoughts on “day 239 : bienvenue a paris!

  1. erika d. says:

    I can’t pick. I’ve looked at both at least four times. The first perfectly frames old vs. new but the second one just makes me want to be there 🙂


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