days 287 – 292

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of days. Ben and I have been having a rough week. On Saturday evening we lost our beloved Rita in a freak accident and I haven’t really had the motivation to blog. We are going to miss her dearly and she was definitely an irreplaceable friend. I’m just so grateful that we had as much time with her as we did, and that she’ll stay forever in our hearts and minds (and all of the photos will certainly help us remember her!) Here a couple of the most recent photos taken before she passed away. We’ll miss you Rita!

Even with everything that’s been going on, I’ve still managed to take at least my one picture a day. I figured I’d better start putting them up before I lose my audience… so I’m doing something a little bit different to get caught up… one post for all the photos for the last week or so.

Day 287:

Day 288: On Saturday we went to dinner to celebrate Allison passing her teaching credential tests. Congratulations Allison!

Day 289:

Day 290:

Day 291: Merry Christmas!

Day 292:

days 287 – 292

One thought on “days 287 – 292

  1. Lil'poster says:

    Rita was one little pup that was not missing any love in her life thanks to you and Ben… whatever dog is lucky enough to be the next Regnier dog has a lot to be thankful for!By the way, is it ridiculous that the excited picture of me was a pillow I was opening? hehe.


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