day 309 : fabulous day

day 309: What a fantastic day! Jean drove all the way out from Houston so that she could hang out with Tara and I (and all the fam of course). I was so excited to see her since it’s been forever since we’ve gotten together. I made her get in front of my camera for a few minutes, even though it was freezing outside. Thanks Jean! It was so fabulous to see you and I definitely need to schedule my next trip to visit you.
After Jean left we went to my cousin’s wedding and reception. It was such a beautiful wedding and I was sad that I didn’t get to take more photos, but I wanted to stay out of the way of the hired photographer 🙂 I did however take a couple of shots of the family, and of some dancing. I got this one towards the end of the night and I think it’s so sweet! Daddy’s (and mommy’s) little girl! Congratulations Eric & Emily!

day 309 : fabulous day

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