day 314 : oh the frustration!

day 314 : What a frustrating day!! This morning I realized that the contact form on my website had quit working… I wasn’t getting any incoming mail. When I finally got it working (at least I think it’s working but I’m not quite sure what was wrong with it) my blog header on my other blog now quit working. Boo! I swear that computers are working on some kind of voodoo because I didn’t lay a finger on the blog layout and it was working just fine this morning… now… not so much. If any of you computer geniuses out there want to check it out and give suggestions I’d be quite happy to hear them. Otherwise I might just have to chuck something at my computer.

day 314 : oh the frustration!

2 thoughts on “day 314 : oh the frustration!

  1. katy says:

    Haha, yeah I fake fixed it… it used to have a rotating banner header, so every time you went to the blog it would have a different photo on the top. That quit working and I couldn’t get it fixed… so I just substituted it with one static photo for now. 🙂


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