day 3 : oh well

day 3: I’ve been in need of a haircut for a long time. Trouble is I’m on mom duty 24/7. I’m with them all day at home by myself during the week and then I spend an awful lot of time with them on the weekend as well. And if I’m not helping around the house on the weekend then I’m trying to catch up on work. Thus not a lot of time for haircuts. I was at the grocery store late last night and noticed that the haircut place next door was open til 9 so I figured I’d go in after baby bedtime today and get it done. Bad idea. When walking into a hair salon 30 minutes before close on a Thursday you will end up with a Russian woman with very poor command of the English language who gives you a bob no matter how many times you tell her that is not what you want. Oh well. Here it is. I will have to get a re-cut soon.

day 3 : oh well

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