day 5 : out and about!

day 5: Ben’s parents are in town for the weekend visiting and catching up with the peanuts and since I take the babies out and about from 11 to 1 every day we decided to do the same while they were in town. This morning we headed out with our BOB (our stroller, if you don’t know what it is check out this post) to the beach boardwalk for a little stroll. Both babies eventually took a little snooze so we decided to take advantage of the situation and sit down to a nice lunch outside on the beach. Yep. We had lunch. Out. At the beach. Amazing how your life slowly comes back piece by piece as the babies get older. We can do so much more than we could even 2 months ago. Here’s Ben explaining social networking sites to his dad at lunch 🙂

day 5 : out and about!

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