day 10 : a crazy day

day 10: This morning I checked my phone and had lots of missed calls voicemails and text messages. Little Olive was admitted to the NICU and all of my friends and family were trying to get in touch with me. I decided to drive down to Encinitas to be near everything that was going on so I loaded up the babies and headed south. I ended up having my first solo overnight baby watching experience and not only did the babies not sleep well (Amelia woke up at least 10 times) I was so nervous that I woke up a lot too. One of the times that I woke up I panicked and realized I hadn’t taken a photo-rific post yet for the day. So I snapped this one. Technically it was after midnight but it was before the next day started so I’m counting it.

day 10 : a crazy day

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