day 12 : yay for normal (the new normal)

day 12: It has been such a relief in the last month or two to have babies with an actual bedtime. Our nighttime routine has slowly shifted from scarfing down dinner in 5 minutes before the babies go to bed (so that we could sleep right after they did) to microwaving something quick after they went to sleep to finally now actually cooking dinner and sitting down together before bed. It makes me feel like a real living human being to have dinner with adults and have real conversations. It might not be our old idea of normal but at least it’s a start! Tonight Carli came over to my parents’ house after baby bedtime and we had pizza and beer. It was a total blast from the past to hang out with her without the babies but I had such a good time. Carli if you’re reading this thanks for coming over!! We should do it again soon!

day 12 : yay for normal (the new normal)

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