day 15 : visitors!

day 15: Today Allison came to LA to claim her long loaned bed that we’d been keeping here at our place for the last few years. At first it had a home (the guest room) but was seldom used. Then it moved up in the world as not the guest bed but the “grandma bed” when my mom moved in with us for a few months after the babies were born. Most recently it lost its spot in the house when the babies graduated from our room to their nursery. It lived in the “library” between our living room and kitchen for a while for grandma’s occasional overnight visits but was mostly just in the way. Now it is gone. I kind of miss it. At least I got some company for the day.. Allison and her friend Kelly. Shocked to find out (while looking at the last year’s book) that photo-rific is alive and well again 🙂

day 15 : visitors!

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