day 24 : a much needed walk

day 24: Today was not a great day. In fact it was a pretty terrible day. Paul started off the day by crying for the first 30 minutes of his morning nap. Then we went to lunch at Ben’s office. That part went ok. On the way home Paul fell asleep and I decided that instead of driving around for his nap I’d take him into the house and put him in the crib. BAD IDEA. Not only did he not go back to sleep when I took him out, he screamed at me for an hour. So did Amelia. Then they fussed at me for another hour. It was not pretty. I decided to salvage what was left of the afternoon by taking a very long walk after they ate their 3 o’clock bottles. I walked from 4 until almost 6 o’clock and felt much better afterward. I took this on the way.

day 24 : a much needed walk

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