day 33 : sad to see it go…

day 33: I do so love the 24 1.4 and I am sad to have to return it tomorrow… but I only had it for the weekend. Sigh. Maybe soon I can buy one. If anyone is looking for a ridiculously expensive birthday present idea for me (that maybe you want to give me a few months early) I won’t object… hehe… Today was sort of back to business as usual after Ben’s big day (and night) of being super-dad and watching the babies on his own. I was too tired after the wedding yesterday to drive all the way back to LA so he spent the night with them solo and was even in great spirits when I came home this morning. What a pro! I am so glad that the peanuts have such an amazing daddy (and I have a pretty swell hubby myself!)

day 33 : sad to see it go…

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