day 36 : dryer scare

day 36: We’ve always had problems with our dryer. It is very very poorly vented (from where it connects to the house to the outside) and it’s not our fault… it’s an old house and it probably needs to be redone. We had our landlord try to get the vent cleared out a few weeks ago because our laundry was taking AGES to dry. Well it seemed to be better but this morning I threw in a load to the dryer and noticed a funny smell. I turned off the dryer and unplugged it and tried to air out the room. We had a repair guy come out today and there was BURNT LINT in the inside of the dryer. There was so much stuff stuck in there that it started burning. YIKES!! Talk about scary! So we paid him to clear it all out and he recommended that we talk to our landlord again so we can get it actually taken care of. Um… yes. Will do. Immediately. Good thing I noticed the funky smell… and thank goodness for same day dryer repair people. We wouldn’t survive a single day without being able to do baby laundry 🙂

day 36 : dryer scare

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