day 67 : daddy matchin’ shirt

day 67: A while back I went shopping at a store that was going out of business and buying some clothes for the babies… I was getting stuff that was a little too big for them since we really only got small baby stuff as gifts and they’re outgrowing all their clothes. When I saw this one I just absolutely had to buy it because it reminded me of a ringer tee that Ben wears all the time… and matching daddy = super cute (note to friends of Ben… no making fun of the matching shirt. It’s cute. Deal with it. Also, he got a haircut Sunday just in case you were worried about that) Paul actually managed to drool this much on it in the first 5 minutes or so that we put it on but it’s still cute. He’s such a little man these days.

PS… on a more “what I did today” note.. since that’s the other purpose of the blog.. Saturday I had a fabulous spa day thanks to Ben and his Christmas gift to me… I would post a photo but I didn’t bring my camera. I just lounged and sipped tea and enjoyed a massage and felt fabulous. Thanks Ben 🙂

day 67 : daddy matchin’ shirt

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