day 71 : the moral of the story

day 71: it’s that time of year again… renew the lease on our current house or move? We’ve been here 3 years and it’s been the same thing every year. We are kind of sort of ok with our current place. It has things that we like (we’re ridiculously close to Ben’s office, we’re VERY settled in, it’s cute(ish) ) and things we don’t like (iffy plumbing, not so great dryer vent, settling foundation, broken front railing, scary floor heater, ok… a lot of things we don’t like). So this afternoon we set out on an apartment hunting quest. We saw 3 different places all advertised to be around 1000 square feet. We were always under the impression (from the ad we saw when we rented our house originally) that our house was also 1000 square feet. Well stepping into each of these places you could tell IMMEDIATELY that they were not as big as our house. So much so that we couldn’t imagine moving in without selling a lot of our furniture and maybe herbie (just kidding herbie, we wouldn’t sell you). So when we got home we measured our own place (roughly) and decided that it is probably more like 1250 square feet. Moral of the story? 250 square feet make a very big difference. In case you don’t feel like doing the math yourself that’s the equivalent of a 25’x10′ room… which is probably the size of our bedroom plus the babies’ room put together, or our living room plus dining room, or our kitchen plus my office… you get the idea. Also, there are not many places in LA for rent at the price we pay for the size we have. So should we stay put? It’s still up for debate. One thing is for sure. We are all exhausted. And we’re not moving to any of the places we saw today.

day 71 : the moral of the story

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