day 12: a sliver of sky

day 12: I have realized that trying to do a photo-a-day blog without it being a photo-of-the-kids-a-day blog is a really tricky thing to do when you are with them all day every day during the daylight hours. It sort of seems like my two options are either to take a picture of them or take a picture after they go to sleep. And once they go to sleep it’s dark so I end up just taking a picture of something inanimate in the house which is kind of lame. I suppose I could take a picture while I’m out with them as long as they were strapped in the stroller, but I generally already have enough things to wrangle when leaving the house with the kids. Adding my camera to the mix is literally adding the straw that broke the camel’s (or mommy’s) back. Even just the two kids together is close to 50 pounds so I definitely don’t need another 10 pounds of camera gear. But I digress. Today’s solution to that problem was to step onto our patio for a quick snap of the sunset. I can’t wait for the day we have an actual YARD to step into in the evenings.

day 12: a sliver of sky

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