day 26: hooray! it’s here!

day 26: I got a beautiful watch from Ben for Christmas. He really wanted to get it engraved but didn’t have time to do it before he gave it to me. It was actually a little too big as well and we figured that as long as we were taking it in to get some links taken out we should get it engraved at the same time. Which would have been a good idea, except for some reason the engraving seriously discolored the face of the watch that we had engraved (big time boo to that). Luckily the store took the watch back so I could get a new one. We had to order it since they don’t sell it in the store anymore and my new one came today. Almost the same as the original… just a little sparklier 🙂 I love it!

day 26: hooray! it’s here!

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