what I really need is another blog {an intro}

I am a wife. I am a small business owner. I am a stay at home mom to twin toddlers. I run a photo tips blog for moms. I have a photo a day 365 project blog. I have a blog for my family and friends to keep up with the life of our kids. So of course I don’t have nearly enough things to do. I think I’ll start another blog.

I have a whole slew of super cute and clever crafting and mommy blogs in my google reader and bookmarks folder. Ever time I read one of them I think “man, where do they find the time to be so darn cute and clever and crafty?” and I think I should start one too. But come on, let’s be realistic here. I don’t have time for a frequently updated and super cutesy blog where I teach other people how to make fabulous things. I just don’t. What I *do* have time for (or at least I’m hoping I have time for) is a sporadically posted-on blog for all of the random things that I do or think or type that I want to put on the internet but don’t fall neatly into one of the categories for the other blogs I already keep. So if I feel like shouting something into the internet universe and it doesn’t belong on my photo a day blog or the family blog, you’ll probably find it here.

I am still not sure what kind of posts will end up this blog. I’m thinking probably a lot of nonsense and occasional “hey I made this” ramblings and photos. But we shall see.

Welcome to (yet another of) my blog(s).

what I really need is another blog {an intro}

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