a from scratch shirt {sewing projects}

First a little back story before you see the pictures and laugh.

We have a crazy dog. He has been known to do things like eating our entire front door welcome mat. He also ate a significant portion of our living room rug in our last house. He is crazy. We left the house one night to go out on a date and left a babysitter downstairs. Apparently the dog was scared of the babysitter – she said that he came down periodically and gave her suspicious looks, and then retreated upstairs. Turns out what he was doing while up in our room was EATING THE CURTAINS. Yes. Eating them. He ate the entire bottom 2 feet or so off of one of the panels. I have no idea how he didn’t end up in the emergency room for that little stunt.

For a long time we just left the curtains alone. We had a lot of projects on our to-do lists and fixing ripped curtains wasn’t the top. A few weeks ago however it finally got to me “We have CHEWED CURTAINS hanging in our bedroom! Enough!” So I made a trip to Ikea and picked up a replacement and we hung it that night. But what to do with the un-chewed portion of the panel we took down? Well some people may have thrown it away but I’m not one to waste 🙂 So I decided it would make an excellent piece of fabric for me to test out my sewing skills. I use the term “skills” loosely.

I decided I would attempt to make a shirt. Here is the final outcome – I always take pictures in this full length mirror, which happens to be in front of the very curtains that this shirt is made from, so I feel a bit like Zach Braff in Garden state in the scene where he matches the wallpaper. So very embarrassing. Ben assures me that taken out of this context I would NOT look like I was wearing curtains. I’m still not entirely convinced.

Since this was the first shirt I’ve ever made entirely without a pattern I didn’t want to get overly ambitious and add anything like buttons or zippers, so it had to be big enough to just slip over my head. That being said I thought it turned out a bit boxy. I tried making a little belt out of the same fabric and using it to cinch in the waist a bit. Ben likes it better without. I’m unsure which is better. Here’s with the belt.

a from scratch shirt {sewing projects}

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