day 100: shoot.. I forgot :(

day 100: as I was typing in the entry last night for day 99 I mentioned to Ben “hey today is day 99, that means tomorrow is day 100 and I have to remember to do something cool”. So of course I forgot. And the only pictures I took today were more macro shots for the contest. I actually don’t even like them much, I had (what I thought was) a neat idea to do a tipped over salt shaker with some salt crystals spilled on the wooden table. I encountered two problems – 1. we only have a salt shaker that is huge and ceramic and has two large holes, so it doesn’t really read as a salt shaker close up, it is kind of out of scale with the salt and looks, well, weird (boo) and 2. I waited too long to take the pictures so it wasn’t terribly bright in the room anymore by the time I got around to it and darkness is the nemesis of macro photography. When you’re shooting close up you had better make darn well sure that you either have a lightning fast shutter speed or a very steady hand (or tripod)… I wanted my lens right at the table level which meant tipping it down which mean NOT having it resting on the table entirely… and … well… I suppose I’m getting into too much detail. Needless to say it didn’t work how I had hoped. This was the backup idea Ben came up with, I guess the slow shutter speed pouring is *kind of* cool… but I’d have preferred if it were stop-action quick. Not gonna happen with the dim light. So here you go. My 100 day photo that has nothing to do with it having been the 100th day OR with what we did today in general. Harrumph.

day 100: shoot.. I forgot :(

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