you know you’re reading too many craft blogs when {sewing projects}

You know you’re reading too many crafty sewing blogs when you begin to develop crafter’s insomnia. Symptoms include an inability to fall asleep at night due to excitement over future sewing projects as well as frantic late night “must finish this bag!” frenzies.

Last night I was up until close to midnight (practically an all nighter now that we wake up so early for the kids) finishing up a bag that I was sewing. Even though I should have been exhausted and fallen into a deep and peaceful slumber once it was done, I instead spent the rest of the night tossing and turning in bed, imagining a super amazingly awesome way to turn a shirt into a dress (yes, I am aware that I am super nerdy). Worried that the same fate might befall me twice, I attempted to start making said dress this evening. It’s almost finished and I’m pretty excited at how close to actually wearable it is. I’m still on the fence about whether it qualifies as “real” and “outside the house worthy” but it is at least something resembling an actual garment.

I am also planning on making a blog post about the fabulous bag that I finished last night… but it’s close to midnight and I’m up (again) and deliriously tired. So instead here’s just one sneak peek picture. Link to the tutorial and other stories about it tomorrow…


you know you’re reading too many craft blogs when {sewing projects}

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