30 for 30 pieces {wardrobe remix}

Sorry for the wonky colors in these pictures.  I waited too long and took them when there wasn’t enough light (again).  I really should know better.  I kind of had to laugh at myself a little while labeling the clothing (wow, I shop at Old Navy a LOT apparently) since I have almost exclusively stuff from big box stores (hello Target and Payless shoes).  But oh well, it seems to be what everyone is doing so I went along and tagged mine as well.  So without further ado,

the skirts

the pants

the t-shirts

the tops

the dresses

the jackets (as far as I read the rules my “real” winter jackets don’t count towards the 30 items. that’s how I’m playing in any case)

the sweaters

and finally… my favorite part… shoes

All of my accessories and such (jewelry, scarves, tights, socks, etc) aren’t counted in the 30 items and it’s lucky for me because looking through my closet I am apparently getting most of my color from shoes and accessories (who knew?) and I need a lot of it when the sky is grey. I also have to say (in the spirit of full disclosure) that while there is only one white camisole pictured in this set of 30 items I have a veritable ARMY of white camisoles in my dresser. They seem to be something of a wardrobe staple for me, a security blanket if you will. I am almost always wearing one under pretty much anything else I might happen to be wearing that day. So instead of filling my 30 items with 7 different versions of the same white camisole I’m going to just count them all as one item. Call me a cheater if you will but I just don’t feel right going out of the house without a shirt on (under my shirt that is) and I think Ben will thank me for wearing more than one so that I have a chance to, you know, wash it… and not stink… and all that good stuff.

So there you have it. These are the only 30 articles of clothing you will see me in for the next 30 days. Hopefully I still love them all at the end of this little experiment. We shall see

30 for 30 pieces {wardrobe remix}

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