day 5 {wardrobe remix}

I put this yellow shirt in the mix because I thought I needed more color.  It’s just too bad that whenever I wear it with a sweater or jacket you can hardly see the yellow and pretty much every day from here on out is going to require a sweater or jacket.  Oh well, that’s what red scarves are for, right?  I also feel like I might be wearing one too many shades of neutral but it’s too late to change it now.  I’ve already been photographed and it’s on the internet.  Plus who says you can’t wear navy, grey, denim AND brown all together?  I am clearly making my own rules today.  I also would like to add that sweater tights are my new favorite article of clothing.  Just like a pair of tights for days you want to wear a skirt and it’s cold out… only infinitely warmer.  I had no idea they even existed until we moved here.  I guess you learn something new every day.

day 5 {wardrobe remix}

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