A new year a new 365

Well Ok, so I didn’t exactly make it through the less than two weeks of the end of last year making a post every day. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try again (just watch me!)

When I first started this blog it was a way to try to improve my photography skills. I felt like I was writing it for some invisible audience out there somewhere in the universe and that I needed to impress them… with how great my photos were, with how witty my writing was, with how awesome my life was. Now, looking back I realize that actually the only person who really matters as an audience for this blog is myself – the me in the future who will look back and wonder “where did the last year go and how did we spend it?” Because time truly is flying these days and sometimes I get a bit choked up realizing how much is changed and how little time I’ve taken to savor that. The last time I did attempted a 365 I had these arbitrary rules for myself… not too many photos of the (then babies, now) kids and more artistic, still life, etc… this year I’m making no such promises. If a photo a day of my kids is what comes of this then so be it. And if every one is the same photo and it bores you to tears I’m ok with that as well. Because my babies are becoming children before my very eyes and I’m sure if I blink I’ll miss it.

So here goes another year…

A new year a new 365

One thought on “A new year a new 365

  1. Jean says:

    Oh oh Katy! If I must say so, I secretly love the photo blog so I’m glad you are reviving it. How many times did I look at your final post and photos of your serger from last years blog…well quite a few. Best of luck with the year ahead of photos, I’m looking forward to seeing your stuff.

    ps. When will you come photograph the wonders of Brooklyn? I hope soon!


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