day 4: mission routine, day 1

After the rock bottom day yesterday Ben and I had a strategy meeting last night to decide what to do about the baby. Yes, I realize I just said we had a strategy meeting… about a baby. But if you were as sleep deprived as I am you’d understand why this needs to be taken with the same level of seriousness that one might apply to situations like ending the financial crisis or striving for world peace. This is equally important to our family’s well being. So today was day one of implementing the new strategy, which is not a “schedule” per se but more of a switch to encouraging a “routine”. The distinction is kind of blurry I know, but by not doing things “by the clock” at a set time but instead maintaining a certain predictable order of events we’re hoping we will allow both the baby to eat and sleep as much as *she* needs to while also allowing *me* to know with some degree of accuracy when she might want to eat or sleep and plan accordingly. Day one went probably better than expected. Not 100% success but I’d have to be pretty naive to expect that day one would be a complete turn-around. Things are looking somewhat up though. Hopefully tomorrow follows suit.

day 4: mission routine, day 1

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