days 149-181 {the whirlwind we’ll call June}

July already?! We are completely and undeniably in the middle of summer. The crazy thing is that the last month was so hectic that it is almost like it never happened, or that I blinked and we hopped straight from mid May to the beginning of July. A few big things happened in June. The kids graduated preschool, one of my best friends had a brand new baby … and we officially 100% decided that we were going to move – and with that we embarked on a crazy break-neck pace plan to re-floor the new house before the move. Between all the moving plans and packing plans and cabinet painting we’ve been doing (more on that soon!) and the interviewing and hiring of contractors, we’re flat out exhausted. But the 365 must go on! I am absolutely determined not to fall behind this year and I haven’t skipped a day of photo-taking yet. June was a fairly iphone-heavy month but hopefully I’ll turn that around in the next few weeks.

So here’s to June… the month so crazy I can’t even remember it. And here’s hoping that July is just a little more subdued.

Days 149-181 : project 365 on Permanent Riot

days 149-181 {the whirlwind we’ll call June}

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