Coming right along… house in progress

The house is just a few short weeks from being completed enough to move in. I cannot believe it! There are a few small projects (and a few big ones too) that we are going to tackle ourselves after the contractors finish up their work and move on out, but all of the big impressive changes are mostly finished already. Our goal was always to do the biggest and messiest projects first – the floors, adding the windows, opening walls. That way we would be able to move in and live mostly dust-free while we tinkered with smaller projects like painting and changing out light fixtures. Even with so many small things left to be done, the house has already been completely transformed. It hardly looks like the same space.

Check out the former family room, future home of our dining table. I am in LOVE

Home renovation progress - Permanent Riot

And the view from the living room to the kitchen isn’t half bad either. I love how much light there is in the house now with the new windows, and that you can see them all the way from the living room. Just taking out a few feet of wall and the pocket door opened the flow to the kitchen so much!

Home renovation progress - Permanent Riot

As for what’s left to do, there are just a few more spaces that need flooring (the entryway and downstairs hallway) and there are some baseboards to go in. The kitchen is missing countertops and appliances (and cabinet doors obviously) but other than that it’s mostly finishing touches. In a few short weeks it will be moving day and I couldn’t be happier! I am so excited to start trying out furniture layouts and figuring out how we’ll use each space. I’m also extremely excited to organize the kitchen cupboards (nerdy much?) to make everything within arm’s reach of that cozy little corner with a view of the new dining room.

If you missed the before pictures, or want to read more about what else we’ve got planned you can go back here to read all about it.

Coming right along… house in progress

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