Edith’s crocheted chevron baby blanket

While I was getting my post on the giant granny square blanket ready, I realized that I never got around to posting photos of Edith’s crocheted chevron blanket. This one has been done for quite a while, I can’t remember exactly but I *think* that I finished it up sometime last year. It’s really been a blur! I started this one when she was a baby and chevrons were THE hot thing. Now they’re a little past the peak of stylishness but I still love her blanket.

Crocheted chevron baby blanket on the Permenet Riot blog

I used a super simple ripple afghan pattern that I found on ravelry and my favorite part was choosing the colors of yarn. Back when I first started the blanket, we were living in our old house and Edith’s room was a pale buttery yellow. I knew that I wanted to use that and that I also wanted to mix in some bright colors to keep it from being too baby pastel. I wanted it to be a blanket she could grow into. She had an arrangement of photos in bright blue frames so I pulled in a similar blue yarn and also picked up a few of the colors from her rug and striped changing mat as well.

Crocheted chevron baby blanket on the Permanent Riot blog

Now we’ve moved and she has a peachy orange room instead of a yellow one (I replicated the mural I’d painted in case you were wondering) and she doesn’t really use her changing mat anymore (potty training, yikes!). Being older and much more opinionated than she was as a baby, Edith has also now vetoed her pretty pink simple sheets in favor of some Winnie the Pooh ones, but oh well, at least the blanket still goes with her rug.

Crocheted chevron baby blanket on the Permanent Riot blog

I didn’t set out a repeating pattern (or any sort of a pattern) before starting work on this project, the only thing that I decided on in advance was that there would be less blue than any of the other colors. I just sort of added in stripes willy-nilly as I was going along, I thought it would give a more spontaneous look to the blanket (the variations in thickness are random as well) but in reality I just drove myself crazy over-analyzing which color should come next when it came time to switch yarns. If I had it to do over I would probably pre-plan the stripes.

Crocheted chevron baby blanket on the Permanent Riot blog

The blanket is big enough to completely cover the whole mattress in her crib (which she is also very soon to outgrow) and she gets tucked in with it every night. I love the projects that end up being put to daily use. They’re always so much more satisfying than the ones that are just for show. Just look at that sweet face… snug as a bug in a rug. Or hand crocheted chevron baby blanket. You know…

Edith’s crocheted chevron baby blanket

One thought on “Edith’s crocheted chevron baby blanket

  1. Hey Katy!! I just found your blog and i’m so happy!! I found so many interesting things here.. Your post are so funny and easy to read and you seems so nice person!! I have four little kids and wonder how you have time for crafting and doing projects… Hope I’ll be inspired here to make some nice things too..;-)
    Keep up your good work! Golda


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