day 86 : nu-grape

day 86: Ben and I ate at the Bay Cities Italian Deli for a late lunch this afternoon. The wait for a sandwich was a half hour at 4 o’clock, and they got Ben’s order completely wrong, but it was still delicious and worth a trip back. Especially because they have a crazy selection of old-timey sodas. Mmm nu-grape.

day 86 : nu-grape

2 thoughts on “day 86 : nu-grape

  1. autoautistic says:

    “Nu-Grape Soda: A Taste You Can’t Forget”Katy described it thus: “kind of a combination of grape soda and dirt, but in a good way.”I concur.


  2. Pudgy Girl says:

    I had espresso soda there the other day. my mouth was so confused.little tip: order your sandwiches online before you go. they have a section where you designate what time you would like your sandwich ready and then you go to a separate line from the crowded deli to pick-up. they haven’t been late once!


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