day 88 : cylindrical ice cream nostalgia

day 88: While waiting for my car to be done getting an oil change, Ben and I wandered into a drug store that happened to be selling Thrifty ice cream. For those of you not familiar with Thrifty ice cream, it’s delicious (and dirt cheap) drugstore ice cream that I used to get as a kid (back when the drugstore itself was called Thrifty, hence the name). The best part? They use a scoop that produces cylindrical ice cream instead of the standard sphere. Ah Thrifty… so tasty.

day 88 : cylindrical ice cream nostalgia

2 thoughts on “day 88 : cylindrical ice cream nostalgia

  1. autoautistic says:

    According to Katy, this ice cream, twenty years ago, cost a dime. A DIME! This might be what happened to soylent green.


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