day 20: I made a dress!

day 20: I have been compiling a list of “must do” craft projects in my head for months… since probably this summer… and one of the top of the list items was to make a “refashioned” dress for Amelia. Basically take some item of clothing and remake it into something for her. I get a lot of the ideas for things like this from blogs, I particularly like this one, but I wanted to sort of just try my own ideas for this project so I didn’t use a tutorial. I used a shirt that I got at Old Navy the other day for a whopping $1.50 so I knew if I screwed up it wasn’t with major consequences. I didn’t follow any pattern for this dress, I just kind of copied the shape and style of one she got for Christmas. It’s not quite perfect (it kind of gives her football player shoulders) BUT it took less than an hour and I know where I’d do things differently next time so for a first attempt I’m pleased 🙂

day 20: I made a dress!

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