day 21: crazy bean

day 21: This week has been quite an adventure. First there’s been the whole taking care of kids while sick bit (not fun). Add to that the five days straight of rain (come on people, I live in southern California… who has ever heard of five days straight of rain here?!) AND the cherry on top? For some reason I decided that this of all weeks would be a good one to transition the kids from two naps to one. Which means they’ve been nuts all week. Cranky, crazy, and generally miserable. Yesterday I decided that maybe just because they occasionally skip one of their naps doesn’t mean they’re ready to drop it every day. So today we went back to two naps and they actually slept well at both naps. Everyone was much happier (me included) and I’m convinced that we made the right decision in going back to our old schedule. The final proof for me was when Ben came home from work and both kids were in ridiculously good moods instead of being overtired and worn out. Paul was running around like the crazy little bean he is. How can you not love this face? Especially if it’s a well rested one!

day 21: crazy bean

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