two kinds of cookies {baking}

I keep meaning to post these on the blog but I have been constantly interrupted by my children waking up from their naps … how dare they 🙂

I am pretty sure that one of the main reasons Ben keeps me around is that I provide him with lots and lots of baked goods, and those baked goods make him a hero at work. The last two batches of cookies I baked have both been from new recipes (normally I stick to the tried and true favorites) and both turned out to be smashing successes.

First I baked these sugar cookies from made. I love this blog mostly for the sewing. Who knew she was a baker as well? I liked the idea of this recipe because normally sugar cookie recipes have a part in there where you “let the dough rest” in the refrigerator. I am not a patient person when it comes to baking. Letting things “rest” or “chill” is not my strong suit. I always end up taking them out early and botching the whole endeavor. But this recipe made no mention of a break between making the dough and rolling it out so I was intrigued 🙂 They turned out delicious! I am not a big fan of iced cookies so I just left mine plain. I also didn’t have any fun cookie cutters so mine are just circular.

The second batch of cookies was inspired by a bit of television watching. Ben and I don’t watch much tv (other than Lost) and when we do it’s usually the food network. One of our favorite shows is Good Eats… probably because it’s nerdy and entertaining at the same time. I love hearing all the “food science” tidbits and most of the time the food looks decent as well. He also bakes a lot, which earns bonus points with me. Last week he had an episode where he made cookies with pureed lentils. It just sounded to weird to pass up. Here’s the recipe. They were actually really good.

My next baking project will certainly be a belated birthday cake for my dear husband Ben (happy birthday!) whose birthday is today … I would have liked to have it done on time but was sick all day yesterday. He stayed home to take care of me and the kids so I could rest in bed. Did I mention I have the best husband ever? He certainly deserves (and will get soon) a fabulous birthday cake. At least I got him a birthday donut for breakfast 🙂

two kinds of cookies {baking}

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