well look at that! {photography}

I submitted one image into the Pioneer Woman’s newest photo contest earlier this week. The them is “green” and that was pretty much the only rule – it had to somehow (totally up to interpretation by the photographer) relate to the word or color or idea of green. I didn’t want to just dig through my archives and find a picture that had a lot of the color green in it, and I also didn’t want to shoot a plant or tree or forest or grass or anything else obviously green. Instead I sat and thought and dreamed up an idea and set it up and shot it. It was actually quite fun and rewarding. I should give myself challenges more often 🙂 I also should use my tripod more often. It normally sits in a corner gathering dust.

I just checked out her site earlier this morning to find out that I’ve been selected as one of the entries in group 4 – woohoo! There will be 5 groups total when it’s all said and done, which sounds like a lot but when you consider there were thousands of entries it’s still not too shabby. Plus I never ever ever win contests so it’s nice to just be recognized at all.

Here’s the photo.


I’m pretty excited 🙂

well look at that! {photography}

One thought on “well look at that! {photography}

  1. I actually saw your photo on PW’s site before I even saw this posting! Very exciting! Love the photo, too. It’s very Katy, I think. I’ll keep watching for your work on future Pioneer Woman photo contests!


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