day 93: happy easter

day 93: we had quite a busy Easter this year. A trip to the wild animal park in the morning and a family get together in the afternoon. The trip to the wild animal park left everyone pretty exhausted and the kids didn’t nap as long as I’d hoped they would, so they were a bit saucy when they woke up. We decided to take a walk in the wagon to perk everyone up. I also had hopes of getting pictures of them in their Easter outfits frolicking in the flower field… smelling the flowers and such. Unfortunately there were a few flaws in my plan. First off, the outfits I picked for them were way too big so they couldn’t really run around in them without worrying about tripping. Second the field that looked so pretty from the street actually had a lot of gopher holes and broken glass in it. So they had to stay in the wagon. Boo. Oh well. I attempted to make the most of it but I’m not thrilled with any of the pictures to be honest. Ben reminds me that the important thing is the day, not the pictures. I try to remember it but I still get frustrated when I think I’ve missed a potentially fabulous photo opportunity.

day 93: happy easter

One thought on “day 93: happy easter

  1. Kaycee says:

    I know just what you mean. And if it helps, I think this IS a fabulous photo. Not quite what you imagined but sweet and beautiful all the same. 🙂


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