day 94: aawwwww

day 94: I love this sweet little daddy son moment. Ok, so I cheated a little… Paul really was giving Ben a snuggle but by the time I got my camera he wasn’t anymore, so I asked if he could do it again… yeah, our babies “hug” on command, and by “hug” I mean squish their face into yours. It’s pretty sweet actually 🙂 Also kind of funny is the take n toss sippy cup full of smoothie in his hand – but hey, that makes it real life right? I love my boys.

I also think it’s CRAZY to compare it to this picture from November of ’08 … it doesn’t really seem like it’s possible that it’s the same baby. I guess he’s not really much of a baby anymore is he? Sniff, sniff.

day 94: aawwwww

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