some things I’ve made lately {baking}

With all this posting about my wardrobe (probably excessive amounts of posting, but that’s what a one a day challenge is for, right?) you’d think I haven’t been up to much of anything else. Actually the opposite is true. I’ve been up to lots of something elses. I am almost done knitting Amelia a new fall jumper dress. I’m also painfully close to finishing Paul’s quilt (although it’s taken way, way too long) and I also made the kids Halloween costumes. Plus I’ve been baking. A LOT. We’ve had at least one kind of muffin and one kind of cookie or treat every week for the past three weeks. Some weeks we’ve had two kinds of muffins. Crazy, I know. These are some of the latest (and tastiest) things I’ve cooked up.

Fall muffins. Based on this post at joy the baker. I made a few small changes. First, I made muffins (obviously) because we didn’t have a loaf pan and the kids love muffins anyways. That meant I needed to bake them for less time. I didn’t add the nuts because I still worry about the kids choking on nuts. I didn’t have any maple syrup so I used honey, and since honey is thicker than syrup I added a smidge more water. I also threw in an egg just for kicks, because, you know, I’d changed so much already I thought “why not?” They turned out DELICIOUS… some of my favorite of all time. I am glad that there are so many (the recipe made 2 dozen) because now I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And snacks. Mmmmm, muffin snacks.

The second thing I made is a batch of carrot cookies. I know that carrots and cookies might not *seem* like a natural combination but they actually go quite well together. Especially with a delicious citrus glaze. Just to make things complicated for you if you’re trying to make the same thing at home (it seems I can’t leave a poor recipe alone) I used less oil and more carrot (I used 5 whole carrots as someone in the reviews suggested) and I also made a lemon glaze instead of an orange glaze since we didn’t have any orange juice. They turned out delicious and fluffy and irresistible. I have been eating at least 2 a day since I baked them. They also make a delightful breakfast 🙂

Aaaand… mini pie. These might be my favorite and also might make an appearance at Thanksgiving (I’m dreaming of a whole spread of different flavors of mini fruit pies) I can’t say enough good things about these. You should just go make them. You won’t regret it. Mine might not be as photogenic as the one in the tutorial but I promise you it’s as tasty.

some things I’ve made lately {baking}

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