day 7 {wardrobe remix}

This photo should come with a disclaimer – no, I’m not missing the top of my head. My hat is white and so is the sky. Sorry. My mistake. I think I need a bright and colorful hat and I have every intention of making one, I just need to learn to crochet first because I have yet to make a knit one that I like.

I couldn’t believe how cold it was today, especially compared to yesterday. Every day this week it’s just seemed more and more like winter, which (I can’t believe) doesn’t start until the END OF DECEMBER! Did you know that? Maybe it’s common knowledge but it’s not something that I ever realized. As far as I was concerned from what I knew from watching TV and the one other year I lived here… snow starts in the end of November/early December and from that point on it’s winter. Right? Snow = winter? Ben thinks it is funny that I don’t actually know when the seasons are but come on, I’m from California. Winter to us is really just a slightly cooler version of the entire rest of the year. How was I to know it started so late? So anyway, I just wanted to say that I looked it up yesterday so I would know for sure… and yes… winter starts on December 21st. Which seems entirely too late. And if it’s not even winter yet then my goodness, it’s going to be a LONG time before the spring starts and the warm sun comes back. Can I move back to California yet?

day 7 {wardrobe remix}

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