days 10 through 19 {wardrobe remix}

Wow… 9 days at once, this is going to be a long post.

Day 10 – Ben was off at school all during the daylight hours so I decided to take a self timer portrait indoors and Amelia decided she wanted to be in it as well. It was definitely a comfy/cozy day – just my regular jeans, a tank top and cardigan with my super cozy toms.

Day 11 – This is me. Wearing jeggings. Yes. I said it (or rather typed it). I own jeggings. I laughed at them at first but they are SO comfy and they fit well under boots. I goofed a little picking items for the 30 day challenge and didn’t really pick anything other than this dress that was long enough to cover my rear end (I will wear jeggings but not with an uncovered rear – I’m not quite there yet) so I am not sure if I’ll be able to wear them again until the challenge is over.

Day 12 – Thanksgiving day! We spent the weekend with family in a fabulous rental house on the coast where it was actually a bit colder than it had been in our neighborhood. I was pretty cold taking this picture and I’m hoping that’s why I have the weird look on my face. In any case, this is one of my absolute favorite dresses. Another item with not so many different ways to wear it but I just loved it too much not to include it.

Day 13 – Another favorite, go-to, cozy outfit (seems like I have a lot of those, huh?) Once again, comfy jeans, a cozy sweater and shoes. All set for a post-Thanksgiving lounge (and more overeating)

Day 14 – Note to self – Slouching is not cute, and neither are fake smiles. Yikes. Not my finest photograph. I do think this outfit was fine, maybe not my favorite but still ok. I don’t know if I like the light colored skirt with a dark sweater and having the sweater buttoned also looks weird, but I never would have known if I hadn’t photographed it so I guess I learned my lesson.

Day 15 – This was a surprisingly successful outfit (at least I thought it was). I wasn’t sure about tucking in a shirt with a defined waist but I did it anyway (look at me breaking my own rules!) and I think it turned out fine. I do really like this skirt with a belt which is something I’d never tried and I also think I should own more blouses for tucking. I never used to be a tucker-inner but I think I’m starting to like it.

Day 16 – Ben was off at school again so Allison took this shot. She said I was doing the same pose I do in all the pictures (well, yeah, I don’t know how to do anything else) so she suggested jumping. Here is my “I look CRAZY” jumping face 🙂

Day 17 – Another day of no Ben in the daytime (are you sensing a trend? He’s working on final projects. Plus it gets dark before 5 here, madness I tell you) so we took one indoors at night. Lovely blank wall, right? Every time I see someone on a blog with a belt over a shirt or sweater I think it looks cute, and yet every time I try it myself I feel silly. I always imagine people walking by and thinking “that silly girl, doesn’t she know that belt isn’t holding anything up?” But I am going to keep doing it in the hopes that I will eventually get used to it. I used to feel awkward in skinny jeans and now I love them to bits.

Day 18 – I included the green top I wore yesterday in my 30 picks just so I could wear it with my black shirt. It’s become a favorite. Two shirts is warmer than one and I am a fan of being warm, plus for some reason I always just feel good when I wear them together. With my skinny jeans and toms of course. Shocked? I know, I’m so unpredictable.

Day 19 – Which brings us to today! Whew! All caught up. Today’s outfit is a shameless rip-off of this outfit on Kendi Everyday. Right down to the mustard yellow scarflet. I think I actually gasped out loud when I saw hers “ooh my I MUST own that scarf!” I love everything mustard yellow and being cold here I clearly need as many scarves as possible. One of the rules of the 30 for 30 is that you’re not supposed to shop for any new clothing during that whole month… so I made the scarf instead. Are there any rules about that? Someone actually left a comment on Kendi’s blog about finding a similar pattern on ravelry (which I happen to LOVE) so I scooted right on over and set to work making my own. I do think my outfit is a little less pulled together than hers. I really wish I’d had a brown or other neutral top (other than my yellow, which would have looked weird) to wear as a top layer – but I didn’t. So black it was. I also wish I had had that little bit of blouse sleeve poking out but my blouse was short sleeved. Next time it will be better. Oh yes, this outfit will have a next time!

days 10 through 19 {wardrobe remix}

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