day 20 {wardrobe remix}

This is my “official” outfit for day 20 but to say that it’s what I wore today would be an exaggeration.  Due to the day’s activities what I wore most of my waking hours involved pajama pants and a zippy sweatshirt. Yeah. Hot stuff. Ben and I may or may not be working on a top secret project with the kids that involves lots and lots and LOTS of time inside the house for the next three days and a whole pile of big kid underwear. More on that later 🙂

In any case, since Ben and I were in the house all day today and pretty much looking awesome in our PJs we decided that maybe after the kids went to bed we should do some grown up things – like shower. So we both got all fancied up, this is the dress and shoes I included in my 30 items in case we went on a date sometime during the month of the challenge, and got some yummy italian take out food. I baked some delicious ginger cookies and we watched Top Chef All Stars. That’s date night, house arrest style

day 20 {wardrobe remix}

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