days 21 & 22 {wardrobe remix}

Well, the 3 days of our top secret mission are over.  The house arrest is over (or sort of over) and hopefully we’ll be able to go out and breathe some fresh air tomorrow.  I did manage to score two trips out of the house yesterday – one to Rite Aid in the morning to pick up some new sippy cups (the kids were fighting over them and they needed new ones anyway) and another to Rite Aid (yeah, I know, my life is so exciting) to get some super special “night night” underwear for the kids (aka Pull Ups).  It’s funny how when you’ve spent 48 hours indoors following your kids’ every move a trip to the drug store that only lasts 15 minutes can be so exciting and rejuvenating.

In any case I *did* get dressed both of the last two days, which was an improvement over day one of our experiment 🙂

Day 22 remix outfit – I put this on after having been indoors for 36 hours or more straight. I hadn’t checked the weather report and it turns out that it was around 30 degrees. Oops. My feet were freezing on the way to the drugstore but at least I was outdoors. And I also managed to sneak this yellow shirt into the mix again. I think it was feeling left out.

Day 23 remix outfit – remember how I said I wasn’t going to wear the jeggings again because I didn’t have anything long enough to go over them? I lied. I wore them today with a shirt and a long-ish sweater. There were three reasons that they made a reappearance.  #1 I felt bad using an item of my 30 only one time in the whole month #2 They are so comfy that they feel almost as relaxing as my pajamas and most importantly #3 I wore them today because I didn’t leave the house except to take this picture and so I didn’t have to worry about embarrassing myself by having my jeggings bum uncovered.

I can’t believe there’s only a little over a week left in my 30 days. When I started it seemed like such a long time but having one thing to remember to do every day has actually sort of made the time fly by. Either that or it’s the whole holiday madness/thanksgiving/visitors/traveling thing. In any case I’m going to be kind of sad when it’s over.

days 21 & 22 {wardrobe remix}

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