days 23 & 24 {wardrobe remix}

day 23 – Hmn… not much to say about this one other than I’m kind of running out of ideas. That’s not to say I’m not enjoying playing the game anymore, I am… it’s just that I can only think of so many outfits that I haven’t worn yet and I keep wanting to re-wear some of my favorites. If this were my regular daily get dressed routine I would *definitely* have at least one repeat outfit in a month but I’m trying my best to avoid it. Instead I’ve ended up with a lot of very similar but slightly different ones. Like this one which is not super exciting but hey, I wore my boots UNDER my jeans – so that’s new, right?

day 24 – I don’t really know what to say for myself on this outfit. I look a little like your loopy high school art teacher whose style might be described as “fun” or “eclectic”… definitely a little … odd? I actually (in my defense) didn’t really wear this outfit today. I just wore the dress and the tights because I was mainly in the house all day. I just decided to throw the jacket on when we went out to take pictures because a) it was FREEZING OUT and b) I hadn’t taken any pictures using the jacket yet and I picked it for the challenge. I put on the yellow thing… well… I don’t quite know why. I think I look a bit of a mess but oh well, too late now 🙂 I definitely will NOT be wearing this again anytime soon.

days 23 & 24 {wardrobe remix}

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